Bibliographies in a changing landscape

workshop-intro-v0.pptx3.26 MB
BoL_Intro_060913_opt_r.pdf5.03 MB
workshop-lod-v0.pptx2 MB

Workshop run on last day of BIH2013 conference, organised and run by David Morse and David King.

The workshop was divided into three main parts:

  • Introduction
    • The wider landscape - presentation by David Morse, OU, UK (workshop-intro-v0.pptx)
    • The bibliography of life - presentation by Dave Roberts, NHM, UK (BoL_Intro_060913_opr_r.pdf)
  • ViBRANT tools
    • RefBank - demonstration by Guido Sautter, KIT, Germany
    • ReFinder - demonstration by Jordan Biserkov, Pensoft, Bulgaria
  • The future
    • Linked open data - presentation by David King, OU, UK (workshop-lod-v0.pptx)