D6.2 - Review, refine & evaluate services

Review & refine existing services in the light of user feedback and usage statistics. Evaluate and refine XML schemas for submitting submission.

Original delivery date: 31 May 2012

Deliverable describes the feedback from online surveys aimed at finding user’s attitude towards the Pensoft’s Online Publishing platform and the overall structure, interface and functionality of the Pensoft Writing Tool. Pensoft's approach has been widely welcomed within the taxonomic community as is evident by the largely positive comments received to the surveys and the very rapid response to the call for editors for the Biodiversity Data Journal. Respondents have reported some technical problems and suggested how to improve the interface and functionalities of the PWT. TaxPub XML schema that has hitherto been used by Pensoft were significantly expanded to reflect the specifics of each of the different publication templates in the PWT and Biodiversity Data Journal.

Deliverable delayed by the decision to expand functionality of the Pensoft Writing Tool (PWT) to support the new Biodiversity Data Journal. This will allow completion of the deliverable as anticipated, but with a significantly expanded journal structure and better sustainability model.

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