M4.16 - Ontology Tools: scoping document on a KOS architecture

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Description: Prepare scoping document on a KOS architecture for the GBIF network including the requirements for a new ontology
tool to provide a new GBIF Glossary of Terms used in Biodiversity Informatics.

Partner: GBIF

Deadline: First draft scoping document finalized by 31 December 2011

Work package: 
Yde de Jong

GBIF has prepared a draft charter proposing to form a new TDWG task group on a Vocabulary Management (VMTG). The VMTG proposal focuses on tools for managing a new glossary of basic terms. The present tools to create Darwin Core extensions and vocabularies for the GBIF infrastructure does not include such a basic overview list of the terms that are defined and reused by the extensions and vocabularies.

The plan is to start by exploring three alternative software tools for managing basic terms. (1) A demo using the isoCAT software tool has recently been prepared. The isoCAT platform seems very well designed from the perspective of functionality, work-flows and structure for maintaining a list of basic terms in a collaborative manner. However the isoCAT user interface is still not mature and in the present form not sufficiently user-friendly. (2) We have explored the SpeciesID Wiki and have started to develop a new tool using Semantic Media Wiki for describing basic terms. We hope this could be a option and a solution to work well together with the SpeciesID and other ViBRANT tools. (3) We also wish to explore the possibilities for using the present http://vocabularies.gbif.org for maintaining basic terms. However the present feeling is that this tool will need too many modifications to be extended to cover this purpose. The Vocabulary Server is well suited for building Darwin Core extensions and vocabularies for use by the GBIF IPT, but less suitable for the functionality we have in mind for the glossary of terms.

We would very much welcome feedback and suggestions to this first draft!

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Scoping GBIF Glossary of Terms used in Biodiversity_v2.docx138.15 KB
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Demo Vocabulary Management software tools

The Vocabulary Management software tools we plan for the TDWG TAG Vocabulary Management Task Group (VoMaG) to evaluate are now made available online [1]. These tools include the GBIF Vocabulary Server [2] based on the Scratchpads platform, the Semantic MediaWiki [3] as suggested by ViBRANT WP4 partners, and the ISOcat software [4].

[1] http://kos.gbif.org/
[2] http://vocabularies.gbif.org/
[3] http://kos.gbif.org/wiki/
[4] http://kos.gbif.org/isocat/interface/

Proposed biodiversity KOS architecture, document Feb 2012

The latest update on the proposed biodiversity KOS architecture (ViBRANT M4.16) is described by the discussion document available at "http://community.gbif.org/pg/file/read/21582/kos_architecture" (goo.gl/EGdFr) and uploaded here to the ViBRANT site under Milestone M4.16.

Draft TDWG TAG Vocabulary Management Task Group Charter, Feb 201

After discussion with Greg Withbread as convener of the TDWG technical architecture group (TAG), we have today submitted the draft charter [2][3] to the TDWG TAG mailing list [4].

[1] http://vbrant.eu/content/m416-ontology-tools-scoping-document-kos-archit...
[2] http://community.gbif.org/pg/file/read/21388/vomag_charter
[3] http://community.gbif.org/pg/blog/read/21387/vomag_charter
[4] http://lists.tdwg.org/pipermail/tdwg-tag/2012-February/002428.html