M4.19 - Canvassing glossary-oriented potential contributors

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Description: We had several contacts, but so far they did not work out. We have concretely Milestone M4.22 as a fall-back, but we would like to introduce a Milestone to verify that we have no better opportunity to provide a more international, english language, convincing demo. This involves further follow-ups of earlier discussions within ViBRANT (GBIF, NHM) as well as outside. MEMO to self: actually go public on Taxacom?

Comment Yde: BGBM promised also to provide some user-cases using CDM content in the Scratchpads, but also using CDM content in the MediaWiki's. These could be included in this milestone. In addition, the idea to use the http://bionomenclature-glossary.gbif.org/ as a demo, seeing how it compares in mediawiki, could be surveyed here. So apart from looking for potential media-wiki contributors, this milestone should also anticipate on increasing the (content based) interaction between the different platforms.

Partner: JKI

Original Deadline: 31 March 2012

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Yde de Jong
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