M4.22 - BiolFlor Data as semantic web

Deliverable or Milestone: 

Description: In collaboration with the UFZ in Leipzig, create a German-Language demo of the large biolFlor property dataset, presently in a relational database and usable only as "onscreen" content, making it part of the semantic web.

Original Deadline: 30 Aug 2012

By the original deadline, we had the full biolflor data in a local database, analyzed and ready to go. The mapping to semantic representation is unfinished, however, and from work done thus far would benefit from greater use of skos approaches. Also more needs to be borrowed from skos for the purposes of tdwg (DwC uses none of skos). This extension of the milestone will require additional time.

Comment Yde: New version of BioFlor not available yet. An update is needed because 20% of the data are changed. JKI will start finishing this deliverable when a new version of BiolFlor will be ready.

Date: 30/11/2012

I am aware that we could not finish the biolflor data milestoen. We had been waiting for an update to the nomenclature, which was delayed several months and reached us only in November. This is not part of the biolflor dataset properly, it is a separate dataset of the updated plant taxonomy, since the creation of the biolflor data, which are based on the standard list of 1998, almost 10% of the 3600 species in Germany had systematic or name changes. It does not make sense today to publish the semantics of the old taxonomy, so we are merging these data.

We are working hard on bringing this together, and I had hoped to finish it by end of 2012 as I wrote to Yde, but in fact it is dragging on, part due to the other work. I would appreciate if we can delay the milestone one more time to the end of January.

Date: 09/10/2013

We did a small step. The “Dictionary of Invertebrate Zoology“ http://species-id.net/zooterms/ is now ready but it's a small step towards completion. Andreas.

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Yde de Jong


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