M4.27 - Audubon Core standard on Mediawiki

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Description: In the first year, the taxpub standard was documented on the vibrant biowikifarm and forms for text and semantic linking developed. The Audubon Core standard for media data, jointly developed by GBIF and TDWG (and already integrated into the GBIF IPT) is presented on the ViBRANT biowikifarm as its primary location. Audubon Core is presently under public review which is part of the TDWG standardization process. To further the use of the ViBRANT/GBIF KOS platform, the Audubon Core terms are already atomized, i.e. each term on its own page, and with full semantic linking between them (see http://terms.gbif.org/wiki/Audubon_Core ).

We will use this as a demo for "developed", static standards.

Partner: JKI

Deadline: 9 September 2012

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Yde de Jong