M4.39 - Term browser

Deliverable or Milestone: 

Develop a term browser for improved discovery of vocabulary terms used for documentation of biodiversity information resources.

The prototype application (http://kos.gbif.org/termbrowser/) allows a user to browse for terms defined in widely used vocabularies such as Darwin Core, Dublin Core, FOAF, etc., including, where available, translations. The idea is to allow someone to quickly see if a term already exists so they can re-use it rather than minting it afresh. This application is purely for searching and browsing and does not replace the need for tools such as ISOcat and Semantic MediaWiki as collaborative platforms for actually creating vocabularies (and translations).

The term browser application is based on Solr, the technology also used for the GBIF occurrence/names index. It allows highly flexible, faceted searching. The facets provided are vocabulary, type (class or property) and language.

Work package: 
Dag Endresen
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