M5.13 - API baseline documentation

The system is designed to accept input directly from a Scratchpad server by means of JSON requests. Thus, only one account (the Scratchpad server's) will be required to send data, and the Scratchpad server will deal with presenting these data to the user. However, a web interface with separate user accounts has also been added so that jobs may be submitted without the use of a Scratchpad, if necessary. JSON authentication requires a unique identifying string which is not enabled by default for users; this must be done manually by the sysadmin for any user who plans to access this interface.

Information on the use of the JSON interface can be obtained by users with an "admin" account by visiting the /docs or /info URLs on the running application. The former gives brief details on the use of the interface and the latter lists all "routes" available, i.e. actions that can be called on the application. The routes information is generated automatically and the docs information is updated manually as the application is developed. The output is attached as a text file.

The application is currently under version control and is running at https://vibrant.oerc.ox.ac.uk.

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