M5.29 - Implement application specific wrappers (bioclimatic modelling)

Deliverable or Milestone: 

An application specific wrapper for MaxEnt (http://www.cs.princeton.edu/~schapire/maxent/) has been implemented and can be seen working in the Vulnerability layer of the LEFT service on OBOE (https://oboe.oerc.ox.ac.uk/jobs/new/left).

A generic service for Species Distribution Modelling (SDM) that uses the wrapper for analysing user supplied data points will be released soon. I am attending the BioVel workshop on ENM in Stockholm on 16-17 January and will finalise the implementation of the service soon after the workshop. At the workshop I will discuss the requirements for making the OBOE SDM service available for execution in BioVel/Taverna workflows.

(Final comment and update: This collaboration with BioVel was not carried through. It seems that pressures within the two projects prevented an actual joining of effort, though I'd not rule this out for the future. NC, 27/11/2013)

Neil Caithness