M5.33 – Generic computational framework for geo-spatial analysis via OBOE.

Deliverable or Milestone: 

A suite of computational services for geo-spatial analysis will be developed for Scratchpads via the OBOE (https://oboe.oerc.ox.ac.uk/) infrastructure.

The current focus of many (or even most) Scratchpads is on taxonomic groups – this was the original intended use. A new set of geo-spatial tools will facilitate an alternative focus on geographic regions – e.g. protected areas, game reserves and national parks. Equally, non-protected areas, agricultural lands, urban/rural interfaces, etc., may all be spatially demarcated areas of interest for the Scratchpad community of users.

These tools will provide a rich set of maps and other analytical graphics, as well as download links for the associated regional data subsets in standard formats for further analysis by the user.

A generic software framework and template for drop-and-compute services has been developed. This framework will provide for rapid and efficient development of the planned ecological informatics services detailed in milestones M5.34 - M5.36

Neil Caithness