Man. Comm. 5

Venue: skype conference call

Start: 10:00 GMT

Duration: 2 hours

Meeting 5 : Agenda [Draft at 6 Jan 12]

  1. Apologies for absence
    Gemma Maldar, Vince Smith, Project Coordinator (VS)
    Lyubomir Penev, WP6 Leader (LP) (Pavel Stoev represented WP6)
  2. Reporting:
    1. To discuss the draft 'activity review' document prior to submission on 20 Jan.
    2. To review summary slides
  3. Modification to Annex 1
  4. Workpackage summaries [WP leaders]:
    1. Progress highlights;
    2. Interdependencies with other WPs;
    3. Deviations from budget;
    4. Deviations from the Workplan
  5. Any other business




DR - Dave Roberts, WP 1 Leader SR - Simon Rycroft, WP2 Leader
TB - Thierry Backlejau, WP3 Leader YdJ - Yde de Jong, WP4
NC - Neil Caithness, WP5 Leader PS - Pavel Stoev, WP6
DM - David Morse, WP7 Leader CA - Christos Arvanitidis, WP8 Leader
LR - Lucy Reeve (Admin)  


  1. Reporting

    DR is copy editing and making final amendments to the report. The final draft will go up today, including the financial tables.

    Publications summary: Update to publications summary has been received from YdJ and will be added to the final draft.

    Presentation slides: few sets of slide had been received by the meeting date. DR stressed the need to get the slides in time for the presentation on the 29th.

    Section 3.2.1: The project objectives have been lifted directly from Annex I. The text may be updated but this requires a new Annex I to be produced and will be discussed at a later date.

    Section 3.2.2 – Impacts: Users and usage are key factors. This section includes data from Scratchpads, Pensoft publication, Geocat and Comber. The information has just arrived on Biowiki farming and will be added.

    It was considered that pictures are not essential as there is insufficient time to add these and the reviewers are already familiar with the areas covered.

    Work Package Summaries

    WP2 – no comments

    WP3 – Isa is going to add training courses into outreach table

    WP4 – The only issue was mediawiki was not in the impact table. This is now fixed.

    WP5 – API item list has been moved to an Annex to the report

    WP6 – No comments received. DR congratulated WP6 for the amount that has been achieved in Year 1.

    WP7 – There was a problem with BHL pulling CiteBank. DM set up RefBank taking content as a larger set of data for non-BHL content. This is being fed into Mendeley to attempt to de-duplicate the data. This is restricted to the OU currently.  DR is editing this text now.

    WP8 – No comments

    Project Management - List is longer than in version 4.

    Cooperation with other projects - NC and DR will be meeting BioVel at AgINFRA next week.

    Action: YdJ to send DR text on PESI to include in cooperation section

    There is a conference 1st week of July. If this is not a closed conference ViBRANT should send delegates. This will also need to be added to the website as an event.

    Issues and problems

    1. WP4 leadership was a problem. YdJ joining has resolved the issues caused by this.
    2. BGBM recruitment – budget transferred to Paris
    3. Peter van den Besselaar is technically employed by KNAW though is working in VU. Adding KNAW as a third party to VU is in process. The NEF will not open until this has been agreed.

    Project meetings and dates table is included.

    Dissemination table was not asked for but has been included.

    Project status

    The project is generally running as planned with anticipated changes. It is largely on schedule and budget. The milestones for Year 2 have now been set and updates on the website.

    There have been no legal status changes and no deviations.

    Table of ViBRANT-funded sites

    EOL should not be included as not ViBRANT-funded

    GeoCat and COMBER need to be added.

    Action: TB to send table row to DR on Belgian Network of DNA Barcoding

    Italia Nodes website may be coming on line soon.

    Deliverables and Milestones tables are both as on the website.

    The majority of the project underspend can be accounted for by the lack of travel in WP3 and the recruitment problems BGBM had at the beginning of the project.

    The next meeting will potentially be in Sofia and will be focused on budget planning. DR proposed that more funding be provided to Paris for Exper2 as this is progressing well.

    Action: DR to circulate Doodle poll for suitable dates

    DR will accept changes to the report today and send the final draft out the evening of Wednesday 18 January, for final comments Thursday 19 January before submission on Friday 20 January.

    Summary slides

    WP2, 3, 5, 7 and 8 drafts have been received. The others will be sent as soon as possible.

  2. Action: DR to check YdJ is on the mailing list

  3. Modifications to Annex I

    The modification to Annex I does not need to be completed by the end of the month. DR proposed that updates be sent to him as soon as possible so the process can be started. All partners will need to formally agree the changes and this will take some time.

  4. Workpackage Updates

    Covered in Section 2

  5. AOB

    TB advised that there may be a strike in Brussels on 30 January which would affect the delegates to teh review meeting.

    TB advised the possible transfer of funds to COMBER is agreed in principle. This will be discussed at the next meeting.

  6. Next meeting: Date and Venue. This will be a face-to-face meeting, potentially in Sofia, but to be confirmed. The primary purpose will be do discuss budget adjustment following significant underspend.