Review of the sawfly genus Empria (Hymenoptera, Tenthredinidae) in Japan

TitleReview of the sawfly genus Empria (Hymenoptera, Tenthredinidae) in Japan
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2011
AuthorsProus, Marko, Mikk Heidemaa, Akihiko Shinohara, and Villu Soon
Date Publishednov

The following eleven Empria species are reported from Japan: E.candidata {(Fallén}, 1808), E.japonica Heidemaa & Prous, 2011, E.liturata {(Gmelin}, 1790), E. loktini Ermolenko, 1971, E.plana {(Jakowlew}, 1891), E.quadrimaculata Takeuchi, 1952, E.rubicola Ermolenko, 1971, E.tridens {(Konow}, 1896), E.tridentis Lee & Ryu, 1996, E. honshuana Prous & Heidemaa, sp. n., and E.takeuchii Prous & Heidemaa, sp. n. The lectotypes of Poecilosoma pallipes Matsumura, 1912, Empria itelmena Malaise, 1931, Tenthredo candidata Fallén, 1808, and Tenthredo {(Poecilostoma)} hybrida Erichson, 1851 are designated. Empria itelmena Malaise, 1931, syn. n. is synonymized with E.plana {(Jakowlew}, 1891). Poecilosoma pallipes Matsumura, 1912, previously assigned to Empria, is transferred to Monsoma, creating Monsoma pallipes {(Matsumura}, 1912), comb.n. Results of phylogenetic analyses using mitochondrial {(COI)} and nuclear {(ITS1} and {ITS2)} sequences are also provided.