Scratchpads training

Two training courses were organised in the context of the Scratchpads Ambassador grant scheme. The courses in Cameroon were the last of a series of three organised in Malaysia and Ukraine. The courses were organised by our local Ambassador in Cameroon Thomas Couvreur.

The participants to the course were primarily postgraduate and PhD students of the University of Yaoundé I and II. A few established and senior researchers also attended the courses during the two days.

Networking activities
During their stay in Cameroon, the Scratchpads team training providers D. Koureas & E. Baker had the opportunity to discuss on the value of Scratchpads to the local communities as well investigate further cooperation with several key players of the botanical and Biodiversity related research domain in Yaoundé.

Their interactions included researchers and administration staff of IRD (institute of Research for Development), HNC (National Herbarium of Cameroon) and the University of Yaoundé I.