XML schemas and mark-up practices of taxonomic literature

TitleXML schemas and mark-up practices of taxonomic literature
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2011
AuthorsPenev, Lyubomir, Christopher Lyal, Anna Weitzman, David Morse, David King, Guido Sautter, Teodor Georgiev, Robert Morris, Terry Catapano, and Donat Agosti
Date Publishednov

We review the three most widely used {XML} schemas used to mark-up taxonomic texts, {TaxonX}, {TaxPub} and {taXMLit.} These are described from the viewpoint of their development history, current status, implementation, and use cases. The concept of “taxon treatment” from the viewpoint of taxonomy mark-up into {XML} is discussed. {TaxonX} and {taXMLit} are primarily designed for legacy literature, the former being more lightweight and with a focus on recovery of taxon treatments, the latter providing a much more detailed set of tags to facilitate data extraction and analysis. {TaxPub} is an extension of the National Library of Medicine Document Type Definition {(NLM} {DTD)} for taxonomy focussed on layout and recovery and, as such, is best suited for mark-up of new publications and their archiving in {PubMedCentral.} All three schemas have their advantages and shortcomings and can be used for different purposes.